The Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort


The Hilton Arcadia Phuket is a 40 minute drive from the airport. When you arrive at the compound, the first thing you realize is how spacious it is. You hop on a buggy (sort of like one that takes you around a zoo or the bird park) that takes you to the reception lobby. There are 3 swimming pools, a beach and various ponds all in this resort.

The walkway on every floor gives the impression that you're actually staying at a serviced apartment, wide, spacious and well-spaced. The room I had plenty of space and a garden view (where you could feel the summer breeze and take in the lush greenery from your balcony; with obvious Asian influences that & # 39; s not too in your face

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The bed was too hard for my liking and I wanted to request an extra mattress pad which helped only a tiny bit. The bathroom was large-sized Like most Hilton chains, The Bathroom is stocked with Crabtree & Evelyn toilets. The shower offers two different shower options, a traditional one and a ceiling shower.
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I freshened up as soon as the porter brought my luggage and the towels that were neatly roled next to the sink smelt faintly of vomit or at least smelt like they did not get enough sun. That sharp, slight acidic smell The TV remote control was not working as well and it took homekeeping 2 visits to deal with a simple change of battery

Lunch at Sails, one of the main restaurants, underwhelming.
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It was 4pm and there were only 2 other tables but yet my lunch only arrived after 25 minutes My steak was under-seasoned and overcooked I did not want to wait for another 15 minutes The bread basket was not toasted and I believe you can tell a lot from a restaurant from the bread that they serve. What was most shocking is when the manager was grabbing a couple of napkins (after being asked for, yes, there were no napkins on table when there was), he dropped mine on the floor.

He picked it up and turned it into me. It was a "Oh no, you did not!" moment I actually had to ask for another one He apologized, of course. But it was totally unacceptable, what did he expect me to do with a dropped-on-the-floor napkin? Wipe my mouth? This should not be happening at any establishment, let alone a 5 star resort.

The room service was not any better. I was craving for some ice cream and since the deli was off (they sell Haagen Dazs), room service was my only option at 12.30am. I ordered their sundae & # 39; delight & # 39; and it was far from delightful When the ice cream arrived, it was a melting mess, and the ice cream was icy The sort of iciness that results from ice cream being left out melting and then placed in the freezer to be re-frozen.

It was terrible

I ordered lunch at the pool the next day; a burger and a caesar salad and it was the same story The decision was made to head out of the resort to have food while only sticking to what & # 39; s free. Because the resort is located very well centrally to stores and restaurants, you can easily just run out of supplies or fresh grub.

That being said, the executive lounge was a very good affair. With wireless internet and power points, you can do the work or catch up with friends.

Like most of the facilities in this resort, the spa was huge because there were many personal pagodas where you could have your treatment in private or with your significant other.

I had a pedicure and I have said it In fact, the best pedicure I & # 39; ve ever had I have not been in different establishments so I am a good guide in respect to pedicures. My foot was washed and scrubbed, nails were trimmed and treated I also signed up for 2 times the duration of my stay; Both were more than decent and left, with-spa glow.

The little open area where ginger tea is served after your treatment is serene and beautiful. It's really like the Hilton oozes potential but just needs to be executed.

All in all, I did not enjoy my stay at this resort; In fact I was actually counting down the days Which is really It was a major disappointment, kinda like expecting a BMW but accepting a Chevrolet (no offense to any Chevrolet drivers, I & # 39; ve driven a couple myself and they were good drives.

From all that said, I will not recommend this hotel. The Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort []

Needless to say, it was not a good start I was expecting a lot more especially since I got a room at the highest tier. So if this is what's available in the best rooms, it does not say too much about this particular Hilton

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