Bang Tao – The Up-Market Resort


Bang Tao has a wonderful beach which sprawls for about 4 miles, all of it gorgeous white sand, with the Andaman Sea licking its shores. It is really the place to go! Some of the hotels or resorts in Bang Tao provide you with a butler You can also have food cooked in your room or suite just for you and your specifications.

The resort is between 10 and 25 minutes from the international airport on Phuket, but the travel time is based on the Bang Tao hotel or resort you are staying at. There are many types of accommodation to choose from, but they all have a featureistic in common, unlike hotels in Patong or Phuket town, they are not high-rise. One resort is actually a traditional Thai village, and is unique on Phuket.

The Luxury Bang Tao Hotels and Resorts do not come cheap; but you get what you pay for If you want a romantic hideaway then this resort is probably the accommodation you are looking for.

If you choose to stay in one of Bang Tao's resort complexes, you do not have to leave it for any reason if you do not want to Everything you could possibly have is there, although you may want to explore the traditional villages that are close, and see fishermen and craftsmen plying their trade. There are local markets to wander around here. You might be lucky enough to find some snake fruit.

For added relaxation there is a golf course if you are a golf-lover, and there are many facilities to take advantage of, specially in the resort resort, Laguna Phuket which is one of the largest of its kind in Asia. Even if you are not staying in the complex, you may be able to visit it and enjoy it.

A Bang Tao hotel will be a good choice if you do not want to be involved in the frenetic activity in a resort such as Patong. In this town you can hunt for bargains in the antique shops and sample some of the best understated cuisine on the island. You can check out availability and prices of Bang Tao hotels online and also those who have stayed at the stay from reviews. If you want a holiday soon, then there are bargains to be had, so do some online research now.

How to Plan Your Ski Vacation


Imagine spending your upcoming vacation gracefully gliding down fresh powder on tree speckled slopes, and enjoying your evening nestled up with your loved one or meeting interesting new people around a fire. If you have taken a vacation at one of the many luxury ski hotels around New Mexico, you know this dream is well within reach. Armed with this how-to guide, there is nothing stopping you from planning a true epic ski vacation that will not break the bank.

Rent Rather Than Buy

If you are a beginner or do not ski often, buying equipment Is expensive and makes little sense Instead, rent your skis or boards, boots, and necessary accoutrements. Not only will this tactic save you money, but will save you money. Skiers and snowboarders can usually rent their equipment within a range of $ 30 and $ 50 dollars a day.

Lift Tickets

Often lift tickets are among the most expensive aspects snowboarding or skiing You can typically get your tickets online for a discount of around 5%, and you have a special holiday, especially after a special holiday, after your favorite resorts' mailing lists, to sign up by limited time deals and e-coupons on the scoop. . Additionally, the middle of the week is a typical slow period for most mountains, so you can usually achieve a cheap price, and a crowd on the lifts or on the slopes.


There are a variety of different types of lodging, ranging from the expensive and indulgent on-slope lodge, to the luxuriously cozy and quaint hotel in the village. You can find deals, allowing you to, some cases, literally ski out of your hotel room, as low as $ 110 per night per person. However, staying in the village and shuttling to the resort is a great way to save money.

Meals and Entertainment

Depending on your priorities, meals may be the most The expensive aspect of your trip, especially if you want to dine in the resort's ski lodge, restaurant, or bar. Usually there is a pretty steep mark up for food and drink items You can save money by packing a backpack with snacks and drinks from the village, or sandwich materials with a small cooler. Prioritize meals and entertainment so that you are certain to try the best, but not for every meal, so you still have some cash for other splurges.


For beginners, the cost of lessons are essentially unavoidable While it may be tempting for you to save money by letting a friend or family member teach you, this can often lead to avoidable mistakes and injuries. Instead, seek training from a seasoned and impartial trainer. Beginner's classes usually only take some of the hours and can save you from some of the embarrassment of falling down to a lot trying to teach yourself.

 Spectacular Resort Vacations


A lot of travelers think that resort vacations are ideal meant for couples alone You & # 39; d be surprised to know how amazing it can turn out to be family and kids alike. Choosing a resort vacation that suits your needs is a challenging task, especially because of the ending variety you'll come across The most important thing to remember is that your resort can actually determine a lot of your experience at the destination, so you are advised to choose it very wisely! Here are some of the spectacular all-inclusive resort vacations where you & # 39; ll have the time of your life.

1. Kingsmill Resort and Spa, VA
Whatever the weather may, this is an ideal destination for a vacation. The resort is a perfect world of its own with wonderful accommodation and unlimited activities for adults and children alike. Claiming to be a home away from home, Kingsmill by the luxurious Riveride accommodation is a wonderful experience. From cottages to the vacation homes, tourists are enthralled by the beauty of the surroundings. For golf lovers, it is an ideal place to go. The world class spa facilities are worth a try too!

2. Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, Mexico
If you are looking for an ideal place to stay in Mexico, see no further. There & # 39; s no better place to explore the wonders of Mexico The magnificent gardens and wonderful experiences will make your stay all the way more special. The beautiful beach nearby with a designated swimming area is a perfect place to relax on your vacation. The resort is home to some wonderful restaurants. It is also very famous for the amazing Flying Trapeze School. For the trapeze enthusiast, it is definitely a wonderful experience that they should not miss out

3. The Breakers, FL
You can only really understand what it's like to stay at The Breakers once you experience it yourself. It is an ideal place to tie the knot and for couples to spend their honeymoon because the luxury offered by this luxurious accommodation is like none other. For beach lovers, the experiences are endless and a lot more adventurous. From escaping to the sun and tasting the finest cuisine, it can turn your stay into a dreamy vacation. The resort offers many opportunities of all age groups. Whilst you & # 39; re there, do not miss out the oceanfront dining experience.

4. BarceloLangosta Beach Tamarindo, Costa Rica
The highlight of choosing this resort is the stunning natural beauty nearby and a divine beach where you can spend a lot of quality time. The resort is perfect for couples and surfers because of the adventures offered in and around the area. The rooms of the resort are equipped with the latest world class facilities. There & # 39; s now better to experience the magical sunrise and sunset of Costa Rica!