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Kalkan is a town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. This is a old fishing town Most of the area is undeveloped Until 1970 it was a significant harbor town. However after construction of Fethiye road its importance as a harbor port declined. Now it has emerged as a tourist resort. In the absence of mass tourism, Kalkan resort town has remained unspoilt and is a charming town on the brilliant blue sea coast. It lies snugly curled up at the foot of the Taurus Mountains overlooking the beautiful bay.

Kalkan's economy is now fully dependent on tourism. The town has been proudly and painstakingly protected by its historic Ottoman Greek Architecture. Kalkan resort town has preserved the old historic architectural style. The houses Houses are often covered with bougainvillea of ​​different colors and they look so pretty. Most homes are storied and built in stone They often have courtyards and gardens. The houses are built The windows and balconies on upper floors open facing the sea so as to get the cool breeze from the ocean. The ground floors are usually used for shops or for storage; Homeowner is usually on the first floor. You notice the decorative elements on sills between floors and on top of windows.

Good dining has always been a tradition of Kalkans and this has reflected in the very large number of restaurants in Kalkan; in fact it is said Kalkan has probably the highest number of restaurants per inhabitant as compared to other Turkish coastal towns. Roof terrace restaurants and bars of Kalkan are renamed in Turkey; It is so nice to sit at one of these harbor side restaurants and watch the pleasure boats and fishermen go about their business in the morning, or to watch them returning in the evening.

Tourists usually spend the day time strolling along the bay and the marina. Swimming, diving and snorkeling in the very pleasant There are many boat trips also available. By night time, Kalkan transforms into a bustling town; There is so much you could do There is shopping, dining and walking around the beach. In the evening, shops came alive with T-shirts, boxes of Turkish delight, silver jewelry being sold. Turkish rugs are famous for their designs and crafts, and many shops sell the rugs. Tourists find a lot

Tourists and visitors to Kalkan resort town come to enjoy the laid-back relaxed life style in the Turkish sanctuary. There are a few good hotels catering to the tourists One of the popular hotels is Hotel Pirat; It is only 80 km from Fathiye or 130 km from Dalaman airports. Pirat Hotel is overlooking the harbor and the Bay of Kalkan, right at the front of the hill resort islands backed by hills and mountains. The view of the balcony is enchanting. This 136 room hotel has all modern amenities. Excellent outdoor swimming pool, children's swimming pool, sports facilities such as table tennis and billiards are available. There is provision for diving school, parasailing, jet ski, canoe, sailing and all water sports are available on the beach for a modest fee.

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